Water Softeners

Which Water Softener For Me?

A meter water softener measures your water usage and only regenerates after a preset amount of water has been used making it more efficient. A timer water softener regenerates every day at a preset time regardless of the water usage. This makes it less efficient.

Water Softener

Using ion exchange technology and water2buy's ion X resin, this water softener removes hard calcium and magnesium ions from your water leaving you with completely soft water. Soft water extends the life of your plumping by breaking down excisting hardness in the system and preventing future damage.

Water2Buy water softeners have an automatical wash cycle which regenerates the ion X resin and keeps it working sufficiently. The regeneration process uses a salt and water solution to recharge the ion X resin. The primary cost in running a water softener is the salt. A water softener uses on average 25kg bag of salt every 2 months, this will only use salt after a pre-set volume of water is used. Timer water softeners use salt every day.

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